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JCCEnv Class Reference

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class  exception

Public Member Functions

virtual jboolean callBooleanMethod (jobject obj, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jbyte callByteMethod (jobject obj, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jchar callCharMethod (jobject obj, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jdouble callDoubleMethod (jobject obj, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jfloat callFloatMethod (jobject obj, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jint callIntMethod (jobject obj, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jlong callLongMethod (jobject obj, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jboolean callNonvirtualBooleanMethod (jobject obj, jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jbyte callNonvirtualByteMethod (jobject obj, jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jchar callNonvirtualCharMethod (jobject obj, jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jdouble callNonvirtualDoubleMethod (jobject obj, jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jfloat callNonvirtualFloatMethod (jobject obj, jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jint callNonvirtualIntMethod (jobject obj, jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jlong callNonvirtualLongMethod (jobject obj, jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jobject callNonvirtualObjectMethod (jobject obj, jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jshort callNonvirtualShortMethod (jobject obj, jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual void callNonvirtualVoidMethod (jobject obj, jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jobject callObjectMethod (jobject obj, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jshort callShortMethod (jobject obj, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jboolean callStaticBooleanMethod (jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jbyte callStaticByteMethod (jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jchar callStaticCharMethod (jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jdouble callStaticDoubleMethod (jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jfloat callStaticFloatMethod (jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jint callStaticIntMethod (jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jlong callStaticLongMethod (jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jobject callStaticObjectMethod (jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jshort callStaticShortMethod (jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual void callStaticVoidMethod (jclass cls, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual void callVoidMethod (jobject obj, jmethodID mid,...)
virtual jobject deleteGlobalRef (jobject obj, int id)
virtual jclass findClass (const char *className)
virtual jstring fromUTF (const char *bytes)
JNIEnv * get_vm_env ()
virtual int getArrayLength (jarray a)
virtual jboolean getBooleanField (jobject obj, jfieldID id)
virtual jbyte getByteField (jobject obj, jfieldID id)
virtual jchar getCharField (jobject obj, jfieldID id)
virtual char * getClassName (jobject obj)
virtual jdouble getDoubleField (jobject obj, jfieldID id)
virtual jfieldID getFieldID (jclass cls, const char *name, const char *signature)
virtual jfloat getFloatField (jobject obj, jfieldID id)
virtual jint getIntField (jobject obj, jfieldID id)
virtual jlong getLongField (jobject obj, jfieldID id)
virtual jmethodID getMethodID (jclass cls, const char *name, const char *signature)
virtual jobject getObjectArrayElement (jobjectArray a, int n)
virtual jobject getObjectField (jobject obj, jfieldID id)
virtual jshort getShortField (jobject obj, jfieldID id)
virtual jboolean getStaticBooleanField (jclass cls, const char *name)
virtual jbyte getStaticByteField (jclass cls, const char *name)
virtual jchar getStaticCharField (jclass cls, const char *name)
virtual jdouble getStaticDoubleField (jclass cls, const char *name)
virtual jfloat getStaticFloatField (jclass cls, const char *name)
virtual jint getStaticIntField (jclass cls, const char *name)
virtual jlong getStaticLongField (jclass cls, const char *name)
virtual jmethodID getStaticMethodID (jclass cls, const char *name, const char *signature)
virtual jobject getStaticObjectField (jclass cls, const char *name, const char *signature)
virtual jshort getStaticShortField (jclass cls, const char *name)
int hash (jobject obj)
int id (jobject obj)
virtual int isSame (jobject o1, jobject o2)
 JCCEnv (JavaVM *vm, JNIEnv *env)
virtual jobject newGlobalRef (jobject obj, int id)
virtual jobject newObject (jclass(*initializeClass)(), jmethodID **mids, int m,...)
virtual jobjectArray newObjectArray (jclass cls, int size)
virtual void registerNatives (jclass cls, JNINativeMethod *methods, int n)
virtual void reportException ()
virtual void set_vm_env (JNIEnv *vm_env)
virtual void setBooleanField (jobject obj, jfieldID id, jboolean value)
virtual void setByteField (jobject obj, jfieldID id, jbyte value)
virtual void setCharField (jobject obj, jfieldID id, jchar value)
virtual void setClassPath (const char *classPath)
virtual void setDoubleField (jobject obj, jfieldID id, jdouble value)
virtual void setFloatField (jobject obj, jfieldID id, jfloat value)
virtual void setIntField (jobject obj, jfieldID id, jint value)
virtual void setLongField (jobject obj, jfieldID id, jlong value)
virtual void setObjectArrayElement (jobjectArray a, int n, jobject obj)
virtual void setObjectField (jobject obj, jfieldID id, jobject value)
virtual void setShortField (jobject obj, jfieldID id, jshort value)
virtual char * toString (jobject obj)
virtual char * toUTF (jstring str)

Public Attributes

std::multimap< int, countedRefrefs
JavaVM * vm

Static Public Attributes

static pthread_key_t VM_ENV = (pthread_key_t) NULL

Protected Types

enum  {
  mid_sys_identityHashCode, mid_sys_setProperty, mid_obj_toString, mid_obj_hashCode,
  mid_obj_getClass, mid_thr_getMessage, max_mid

Protected Attributes

jmethodID * _mids
jclass _obj
jclass _sys
jclass _thr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 84 of file JCCEnv.h.

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